EC360 OEM parts SA1050-14251 Seal

EC360 OEM parts SA1050-14251 Seal

Product Name: SA1050-14251 Seal
Suitable for model: EC360

Product Name: Part NO.SA1050-14251 Seal
Suitable for model: EC360
Suitable for assembly
  • 56122 / 492 / 100 / SE191A Swing system(Система поворота)

Part NO.SA1050-14251 Seal suitable for EC360

KAT_ID: 56122





This catalogue lists the spare parts for Excavator EC360BUCKETS Bucket GP. ESCO. 1,35/1,5 - F24 Description: GP = General purpose. (RB)= Rock bucket. ESCO = Type of bucket tooth, Esco. 1,35 = Volume CECE cubic meter. 1,5 = Volume SAE cubic meter. S3 = Quick fit bucket.F24 = Direct-mounted (pin-on) bucket. TRACK ASSEMBLY Track TRK 600SR x 50 Description: TRK = Track 600 = Width of track S = Symmetrical track R = Clearing hole 50 = Number of track shoes
  • 1SA9415-43012 (9415-43012)21SA9415-43012 Plug (заглушка)2-----
  • 2SA1020-02081 (1020-02081)30SA1020-02081 Valve1----SS
  • 3SA9315-01002 (9315-01002)18SA9315-01002 Insulating clip (изолир. зажим)2-----
  • 4VOE991649 (991649)17VOE991649 Hexagon screw (шестигр. винт)11-----
  • 5SA9481-11003 (9481-11003)19SA9481-11003 Nipple3-----
  • 6VOE991644 (991644)14VOE991644 Hexagon screw (шестигр. винт)2-----
  • 7SA9041-11003 (9041-11003)12SA9041-11003 Bolt2----SS
  • 8VOE993005 (993005)16VOE993005 Hexagon screw (шестигр. винт)35-----
  • 9SA9411-92830 (9411-92830)34SA9411-92830 Elbow nipple (коленч. патрубок)2-----
  • 10SA9213-12000 (9213-12000)29SA9213-12000 Spring washer (пружинная шайба)16----SS
  • 11VOE992996 (992996)15VOE992996 Hexagon screw (шестигр. винт)40-----
  • 12SA9111-11200 (9111-11200)28SA9111-11200 Nut4----SS
  • 13SA9041-11005 (9041-11005)13SA9041-11005 Bolt4----SS
  • 14SA9313-00033 (9313-00033)32SA9313-00033 Hose clamp (зажим шланга)1-----
  • 15SA1146-07500 (1146-07500)35SA1146-07500 Turning Joint1----SS
  • 16SA1055-00451 (1055-00451)2SA1055-00451 Drive Unit1----OP
  • 17SA9011-21210 (9011-21210)27SA9011-21210 Bolt4----SS
  • 18SA9411-92530 (9411-92530)26SA9411-92530 Plug (заглушка)1-----
  • 19SA1055-00520 (1055-00520)11SA1055-00520 Pipe2-----
  • 20SA1155-01270 (1155-01270)1SA1155-01270 Swing Gear1----SS
  • 21SA1050-14201 (1050-14201)7SA1050-14201 Elbow (колено)4----SS
  • 22SA1048-11911 (1048-11911)25SA1048-11911 Pipe1----SS
  • 23VOE60110301 (60110301)22VOE60110301 Washer (шайба)12-----
  • 24VOE14511866 (14511866)-VOE14511866 Seal2----SS
  • 25SA1050-13840 (1050-13840)6SA1050-13840 Pin3----SS
  • 26SA1050-62100 (1050-62100)9SA1050-62100 Cover2----SS
  • 27SA1050-62110 (1050-62110)10SA1050-62110 Packing2----SS
  • 28SA1055-01342 (1055-01342)-SA1055-01342 Pin1----SS
  • 29SA1055-00481 (1055-00481)3SA1055-00481 Pinion (шестерня)1-----
  • 30SA1055-01550 (1055-01550)20SA1055-01550 Washer75----SS
  • 31SA9412-43170 (9412-43170)24SA9412-43170 Connector (муфта)1-----
  • 32SA1055-00490 (1055-00490)5SA1055-00490 Plate1----SS
  • 33SA1055-00550 (1055-00550)23SA1055-00550 Pin1----OP
  • 34SA9016-12415 (9016-12415)33SA9016-12415 Hex. socket screw (болт с внутренним шестигранником)1-----
  • 35SA9951-16016 (9951-16016)31SA9951-16016 Fuel hose (шланг подачи топлива)1----OP
  • 36SA1050-14251 (1050-14251)8SA1050-14251 Seal1----SS
  • 37SA1055-00500 (1055-00500)4SA1055-00500 Washer1----SS
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